Glasses & Sunglasses Accessories


I'm back today with 6 sets of glasses and sunglasses for males and females, teen to elder.
There's only 3 colors option for both accessories: white, red and black.
Your sims can use these with either base game hairs or custom ones. 
These can be found in Glasses - Accessory section as standalone.
Sorry, I didn't make custom thumbnails this time but you'll find these very easy in CAS. 
The mesh are from the game but I edit them in Blender.
I also fixed the textures so the colors look brighter and the lenses are clearer now.

If you want to have the male sims in picture previews, you can download them from here:

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  1. The regular glasses that are rested on the gal's nose, would you be able to do a slimmer version of the frames? That would be ideal for my sim, because that's where my glasses always end up and are essentially worn. It would be super appreciated.

  2. Hey For some reason the link isn't working....Can you fix it? I really really want this! Thanks!

    1. Hi there, I just tried it and it works fine. Please try download it again and wait for 5 seconds then click 'Skip Ad'. Thanks!

  3. Maybe there's a problem with my connection..Thanks a lot though....and sorry for the trouble.

    1. It's okay. No problem at all! ^_^
      And you're welcome!

  4. Could you share these beautiful hairs for male - black and grey?
    I can't find them :(

    1. You can download the black hair from here:
      And the grey hair from here:

  5. Can't download this. After clicking on "skip ad" only another ad window opens and no download page.

    1. Just in case you use Chrome, it won't open. Sorry about that.

  6. Thank you! I was searching for this everywhere ^^
    (Your Sims are so beautiful! ♥)


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